EasyAcc Bluetooth Audio Receiver - Soundweaver

April 28, 2014 Posted by Kevin White

This Bluetooth audio receiver from EasyAcc is capable of giving any speaker, Bluetooth capabilities. Simply power the Soundweaver and connect to any speaker, then all that is needed is a Bluetooth capable music device.

The Soundweaver is able to take your home theater speakers, car stereo, or portable speakers and make them accessible with a Bluetooth device. Use your smartphone or other music player and connect to the EasyAcc Soundweaver by enabling Bluetooth and searching for active devices.

EasyAcc Soundweaver Bluetooth Audio Receiver

When using the Soundweaver, the device needs a single wall outlet and either RCA or 3.5mm AUX cord to go to the speakers. On the back of this device is a power button and the EasyAcc logo on the top lights up blue when it's powered on.

This small, but powerful device can really make those speakers you never wanted to get rid of, useful again. Hosting a party and you want to enhance your music playability, add this device to your sound system and take control of your music.

The Soundweaver utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 for a strong reliable signal and fast data transfer speeds. The device can connect to your Bluetooth device and within seconds you are connected and streaming music.

No matter what speakers you are using, this device will make them even more useful. Speakers can be re-used or even built by yourself, and still have that Bluetooth capabilities.

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