TaoTronics Bluetooth FM Transmitter with USB Charger

December 13, 2013 Posted by Kevin White

The TaoTronics Bluetooth FM Transmitter is more than just the transmitter. This device also comes prepared with a USB charging port so it doesn't use the auxillary power for it'self.

The actualy Bluetooth FM transmitter has a 200mAh battery that can work up to 2.5 hours with a full charge. The transmitter can detach from the charging stem it comes with and can be moved around. The charging stem has a nice magnetic "click" holding the two pieces together and it works great, especially if you need to disconnect.

TaoTronics Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The FM Transmitter has a frequency range from 88.1 to 107.9 which gives you a lot of options when scanning for a good channel to use. To change the frequencies, use the dial located towards the magnetic holder or you can use the auto frequency and that will help find a clear channel faster.

The volume dial is located towards the top of the FM transmitter and has a decent range as well. The sound is just as clear as the radio and that definitely depends on the frequency you have selected.

The USB charging port is a 5v 1A connection and helps charging not only your smartphone, but your Bluetooth device that is communicating with the FM transmitter. Along with charging your smartphone or Bluetooth device, this FM transmitter can handle calling in and out. The sound quality is clear and really helps with the handsfree driving we all need to be doing.

I enjoyed the colors they had added into this device to spice it up and after the transmitter was charged up, I didn't have any issues. Don't be alarmed if the device isn't functioning right, after you open the box. Give this unit some time to charge and you won't be dissapointed.

Find yourself not owning a vehicle with those expensive radios or Bluetooth capabilities? This device will transform your car into a relaxing and exciting vehicle. Play your music and your playlists how you want and with your own car speakers. Give this TaoTronics Bluetooth FM Transmitter and charging device a good look!

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