TaoTronics Rearview Mirror Camera and DVR with Bluetooth

October 18, 2013 Posted by Kevin White

The TaoTronics car rear view mirror DVR is extremely easy to use and fits over most preexisting rear view mirrors in most vehicles. The back of the mirror has adjusting units to not only fit on the existing mirror, but also keeps it on very tight. You don't have to worry about the mirror falling off while driving as the adjusters are very stable.

TaoTronics Rearview Mirror DVR with Bluetooth

The rear view mirror DVR features an adjustable camera on the back of the unit, so you can make sure you are getting the perfect angle. The back of the unit also features a speaker and a reset button. The speaker works very well when I used the Bluetooth on my smart phone to receive in a phone call.

On the top of this device it features many ports. HDMI, TF, USB, and AV Out. This means you can have a mini HDMI cable connected to a TV and the mirror and you can playback video files that were recorded with the SD Card slot. The TF port is where you add your SD Card, and I recommend a larger size as you may want to record for large amounts of time. The USB port is for charging the unit, as it does last a while with a charged battery, you will need to recharge it at some point. The last port is the AV Out and works well if you do not have an HDMI compatible device for playback.

On the front of this rear view DVR you have seven buttons. The on/off, mode, menu, Bluetooth, up and down, and a confirmation "OK" button. The On/Off button simply lets you turn on and off the device for when you begin your drive, or if you leave your car alone in an untrusting parking space. The mode button allows you to change features and settings on this device as well as the menu button allows you to access different recording resolutions, EV compensation, Cyclic record, motion detection, audio on/off, date stamp, and changing the settings on the G Sensor Set.

While looking at the mirror, you would never expect that a 2.7" LCD display comes on when you turn the device on. This allows you to make sure you have the right angle that you need for optimum recording and safety. In most states, it's a law that this display must shut off while the vehicle is in motion and you can change that setting so the display automatically shuts off after a certain amount of time.

This device was a pleasure to use as it was an incredible easy setup as well as a perfect fit for my preexisting mirror. This product will give you an advantage in most car accident situations and will also make you feel more secure, knowing you have proof.

Another huge benefit of this DVR is the camera can record up to 1080p, so you don't have to worry about playback being too small and not showing enough detail. The camera also has a 120 degree angle and records with the H.264 compression.

Having used other car DVR systems before, this was the easiest to learn and didn't take up any extra space as it goes over my rear view mirror. TaoTronics knows what they are doing when they made this product. Fast to setup, easy to use, and gives you a lot more security. This device will also help you be prepared for any situation that needs proof.