G910 Bluetooth Gamepad for Android, IOS, and PC

January 20, 2014 Posted by Kevin White

Unboxing the G910 gamepad, it looks like a comfortable and modern controller. With two analog sticks, a d-pad, select and start buttons, the X,Y,B,A buttons, the "home" button, left and right triggers, and left and right shoulder buttons. This controller packs everything you would need into one and also features a rechargeable battery!

The game controller features a hinged and foldable smartphone holder. Lift up the center hinge and you will see it expands to fit most if not all smartphones in landscape orientation. This allows the user to have the phone placed safely and you don't have to hold it with your hands while you are playing games.

G910 Gamepad Bluetooth

Having the holder means you can play driving games or any motion controleld game without having your hands on it and your fingers taking up screen space. The G910 gamepad will take care of the controls so you can get the max viewing of the game and get a better gaming experience. Not only will it help you with the motion games, but even standard games that have the controls on the screen. It's harder to play those games and having the G910 will make gameplay a lot of fun.

The G910 gamepad connects to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other Bluetooth capable device. When you are connecting the G910 to your device, there are multiple options. The G910's 4 modes are: Gamepad, Keyboard, Touch support Android, and Icade mode (only supported by IOS).

Connecting the G910 to your Bluetooth device: Press X+Home = Gamepad mode (LED 1) Press A+Home = Keyboard mode (LED 2) Press Y+Home = App mode (LED 3) and Press B+Home = Icade mode (LED 1,2). These are the start up modes that you enter depending on what you are using the gamepad for.

The G910 gamepad can be turned on with the Home button (as we discussed) and can either be shut off with holding the home button in for 5 seconds or let it use the Auto Sleep fucntion which requires no action and it will shut itself off. The G910 also can be updates by using the MicroUSB cable with a PC.

If you are looking to enhance your gameplay on Android, iOS, or PC, this is a game controller for you. Get a better experience playing simulation games or other top games with the G910. Easy to setup, long battery life, no more fingers blocking your screen, and safely holding your precious smartphone, the G910 is perfect for mobile gamers.

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