Kinivo Bluetooth Headset

August 5, 2013 Posted by Kevin White

Kinivo's newest Bluetooth Headset is a great tool. The only issue I have with this unit is the size. I wouldn't want to walk in a grocery store wearing it as it might look a bit clunky. BUT! I did think about all the other situations you can use this device. Lets discuss.

First, the process to connecting or "pairing" to your phone with Bluetooth, requires you to enable the Bluetooth setting and then when you search for signals, the Kinivo is easily found. Pairing requires you to search, find, click and connect and then it's fully usable.

Kinivo Bluetooth Headset

After you are connected, realize that it's now connected to Bluetooth. You have a decent 10 feet to walk around without your device, so this could be perfect at work or home. I have used a headset for many years at work and I feel very comfortable with it in my ear and the quality of the mic and speaker.

At home you could use it while you are washing dishes, scrubbing floors, cooking, crafting, watching a movie while you are using a video chat with someone also watching the same movie, feeling hands free, typing, writing, eating, walking, running, and so many more possibilities.

Although I wouldn't go out shopping with it on my ear, I would have many more scenarios (as previously mentioned) that I could use this device for. The quality of the speaker is great! You can hear whoever is on the other line just fine, and also has adjustable volume. It's also USB rechargeable and has a very long battery life.

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