EasyAcc 3000mAh iPhone Power Case - iPhone5/5S MFI

May 14, 2014 Posted by Kevin White

This MFI Apple approved extended battery case for the iPhone 5 & 5S is an excellent device to keep your iPhone battery going. The power case from EasyAcc utilizes a 3000mAh battery to recharge the exisiting battery, all while looking stylish and adding to the actual phone.

EasyAcc 3000mAh iPhone Power Case

No need to lug around a power bank or even have the USB charging cords. When you use this device, your iPhone stays charge for a lot longer and even notifies you of how much battery life is left.

This isn't just a battery booster for your iPhone. This device includes a descrete stand that allows you to adjust the angle and view while your phone is in the case, as well as providing a safe protective layer. When the phone is connected to the power case, the device will have a switch located at the top. Sliding the switch to the left unlocks the stand, and you are free to adjust your phone with how you want it.

The 3000mAh power case also takes over the 3.5mm audio jack, but also gives you the opportunity to charge with a microUSB cable. The extra battery can be recharged and will in turn charge your iPhone. Once your iPhone is fully charged, the extra battery inside the power case will then proceed to a full charge. The power case features 4 blue LEDs that will notify you of your battery level.

On the bottom of the device, you will notice the 3.5mm audio input, the microUSB cable input, and the power button to activate the extra battery. This button will display up to 4 LEDs to display the power left in the battery, and distribute the power to your iPhone.

The back of this device allows the camera to still be used and also the sides allow the volume +/- buttons to be used. This device allows for normal usage as well as rugged use because of the cases material. This case is definitely a quality product and worth looking into.

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