Green Smoke Rechargeable E-Cigarette Essentials Kit

May 15, 2014 Posted by Kevin White

Green Smoke has an impressive electronic cigarette that helps with having the actual feeling of smoking. Some of us have issues with the larger e-cigarettes because the feeling of holding something larger than a cigarette could really backfire, but Green Smoke has that taken care of.

GreenSmoke Essential Starter Kit E-Cigarette

Green Smoke offers a wide variety of e-cigarettes and the one I am reviewing is the Essentials Kit. Inside of the essentials kit, you have 1 electronic rechargeable cigarette battery, 2 flavor max cartimizors, and 1 USB charger. This kit is everything you need when you are looking to quit smoking real cigarettes and try something electronic that resembles the real deal.

With Green Smoke, these electronic cigarettes have the look and feel of an authentic cigarette. When opening up the kit, connect the cartomizer to the battery and those are all the steps you need before you can enjoy your new cigarette.

To use the e-cigarette, simply inhale and the battery + cartomizor work together automatically to deliver your vapor. If you are a menthol or regular smoker, Green Smoke has the flavors for you. Choose a cartomizer, connect to the battery, inhale, and taste the flavor of your vapor.

No more having the smell of cigarettes, second hand smoke, or wasting a pack by "trying to quit again" Smoke the e-cigarette when you want and for how long you want to. The battery is rechargeable and the cartomizer lasts longer than any disposable e-cigarette you can buy in stores.

This e-cigarette is a little longer than kings, maybe even longer than 100's, they are a bit heavier than a normal cigarette too, but you can still hold it with two fingers and it still resembles a real cigarette. The tip lights up when you are hitting it and the amount of vapor/smoke that emits is way more than most e-cigarettes out there.

If you are looking for a way to cut down or quit smoking cigarettes, check out Green Smoke and try their essentials kit. It's enough to get you started and possibly switch to vapor full time. I much prefer having the e-cigarette on me rather than having to run out to the gas station time and time again.

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