Magic-Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

May 20, 2014 Posted by Kevin White

The Launch Box from Magic-Flight is one of the coolest products I have ever had the chance to review. This hand held, battery powered vaproizer, allows you to smoke your tobacco or dry herbal product, without some of the tar and other harmful properties. Limiting the amount of harmful elements, creates a smoother and a more enjoyable time.

The device is very crafty and I really enjoy the look and feel of it. It weighs close to nothing and the battery is probably the heaviest piece. The package contains a two batteries along with a battery charger. These batteries get super hot and stop being efficient after a few minutes of operation. Take the battery out, let it cool down and connect it again, or insert the new battery to get an efficient second round.

Magic-Flight Launch Box

The Launch Box comes with a glass pipe for the vapor to travel through and also a nice little brush to keep the unit clean. When you are finished with your tobacco and after it has cooled, simply shake it around and then slide the swivel case to the side. Dump the used tobacco and then lightly brush the trench and screen to remove all debri.

When you are filling the Launch Box, don't overfill. This can cause some issue with how it vaporizes as well as not being able to get to it. A good technique is to shake it after a few hits, this will mix up the contents and will make the second round more pleasurable. When you fill it up, fill to the top of the trenches, close the swivel case, and insert the battery. You will see the red light come on and in 2-3 seconds, the vapor should begin to form. Look down the glass pipe, if you can no longer see the red light, then it's time to begin your session.

When the batteries are full powered, this device hits and keeps on hitting. The device heats up, but never burns your hands and eventually, the red light will shut off when the power is dying. The clean up is extremely easy, the device works as advertised, and it's light weight! I really enjoy this device and would love to see what Magic-Flight has to offer. Check out their site HERE and tell us what you think!

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