Ploom modelTwo Tobacco Vaporizer

April 30, 2014 Posted by Kevin White

The tobacco vaporizer, modelTwo from Ploom is a great device that gives you a whole new taste to tabacco. The device is shaped like a pen and doesn't require you to push the button down when inhaling.

The pen has a twist off head that when removed, opens up the space for the Pod. These pods are directly from Ploom and the modelTwo is to be used with the Ploom Pods only. Ploom offers a wide variety of tabacco flavors, start with a mix so you can find the one you enjoy the most.

Ploom Model 2

After you open up the pen and insert a flavored pod, screw the mouth piece back on and it will puncture the foil to the pod. The pen heats up the tobacco instead of burning and releases the flavors in a different way than traditional smoking. The pods last for a long time and the tobacco will look dried up when you go to empty it out.

To turn on the pen, just hold in the front button until it lights up, after it turns on it's about 30-45 seconds to let the pen heat up to the correct temperature. Once the temp is hot enough, the light will stop flashing and stay a constant white. All you need to do is inhale from the mouth piece and enjoy the flavors from Ploom.

The pen has a very unique charging base, but is easily charged with the USB capabilities. The base uses a magnetic type of contact that allows the pen to stand straight up, but also charges when you insert the USB cord into a USB powered port. Once the pen has been charging for a few hours, you will be good to go to enjoy the smokeless pods.

Ploom has created a very successful tobacco vaporizer in the shape and feel of a pen. This pen can be taken just about anywhere, if you are traveling with a purse or your pocket, the Ploom modelTwo should fit. - Check out

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