Sharx Security HD-IP Network Camera SCNC3905

April 16, 2014 Posted by Kevin White

The SCNC3905 is an HD IP network security camera that can display and record up to 1080p resolution. Either wired or wireless, the steaming video displayed is a crisp, clear, HD signal that allows for great detail when recording.

This weatherproof outdoor rated IP network camera has infrared night vision and works extremely well in low light situations. The camera will switch to a black and white style video when the infrared lights are activated. The amount of detail even in low light is impressive, and when a light is turned on, it automatically switches back over to color.

Sharx Security IP Camera SCNC3905

The SCNC3905 is both wired and wireless optioned and can also be used with PoE (Power over Ethernet). The wireless standard used is 802.11 B/G/N and is backwards compatible with all three. The 1080p full HD resolution comes in at 18 fps (Frames per second) and records in an H.264 file format or MPEG4. I prefer H.264 as it keeps the file sizes smaller and doesn't risk quality.

When setting up the IP network camera, you must install the software given with the camera. This software will find the SCNC3905 and lead you through the setup. Setup is very easy and setting up the wireless was not as hard as other IP security cameras are. I used a hardwired connection to first setup the camera and after setup, removed the Ethernet cord and now I run wireless.

Run the software that was given and the searching program will find your camera. Run through the setup and it will lead you to a browser supported live feed for your camera. You can change and customize more options here as well and add/change username/passwords.

This camera has a long power cord and even has a nice cover for all of the connections. This box that covers all has holes for the power and other cords to come out, but the box itself helps keep everything safe from the elements.

Getting into the settings and customizations, you can enable motion detection as well as warner/alerts being sent to your email. I really enjoy using the motion detection setting, take video or photo whenever the camera detecs movement. A great idea for when you leave your home or while you sleep.

Sharx Security brings an excellent solution to your home security needs. The SCNC3905 is fully capable of handling HD resolutions and is ready for today's HDTV's and HD ready devices.

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