Tivoli Audio Albergo Bluetooth Clock Radio

May 2, 2014 Posted by Kevin White

This Bluetooth clock radio is an amazing addition to your home or office. Stream music from your smart device with Bluetooth or listen to AM/FM radio with great sound. Tivoli Audio's Albergo Bluetooth clock radio is packed full of features and emits great sound quality from radio to streaming music.

The Albergo is Bluetooth 2.1 compatible with EDR and allows for switching between modes very easily. The simplicity to this clock radio also makes it fun to use by everyone and also comes with a handy remote.

Tivoli Albergo Bluetooth Clock Radio

The front of the Bluetooth clock radio has a crisp clear LCD screen that shows all the information from radio stations to whats streaming from your device. The LCD is great to have as it allows for you to keep time with the clock, stay updated with what song is playing, what station, and what mode you are in. The LCD also can show you what alarm features you have enabled and which alarm is on.

The front also has - & + tuning buttons, Sleep function that can be set to a variety of times, Bluetooth button, Source button that allows you to toggle between the source of music, and the alarm buttons. These are all in a nice easy to use fashion and add to the features of this Bluetooth clock radio.

On the top of the clock radio, there is the power button that also functions as a volume nob. Turn the nob left and right to increase or decrease the volume, press the button to toggle on and off. The back of the device is where you will find the AM/FM radio antenna, and it can be extended to grab those frequencies and stations.

The Tivoli Audio Albergo Bluetooth Clock Radio requires a single outlet to power and there aren't any additional requirements. You can use this clock radio while cleaning, cooking, working, relaxing, and any other great times to listen to music.

The sound quality that comes out of this speaker is trully great, loud, and full of bass. We were able to place this speaker in the kitchen and hear the music in all of the rooms we were cleaning in. The sound quality doesn't decrease when using it at louder volume levels and you can actually feel the bass coming from this speaker.

The Bluetooth clock radio isn't very large, but it's performance makes it seem large. Easy setup and great quality, the Albergo from Tivoli is an excellent Bluetooth Clock Radio made for homes and offices.

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