Vapor4Life Dial-A-Volt Automatic Battery E-Cigarette Kit

May 2, 2014 Posted by Kevin White

Vapor4Life's Dial-A-Volt battery comes in manual and automatic configuration. The Dial-A-Volt we tested and reviewed here is the Automatic and does not require a button or pushing anything for the e-cigarette to activate.

The e-cigarette has an adjustable voltage located on the bottom of the battery. This helps get the most of the flavor and vapor depending on the type of liquids and flavors used. Higher voltage can increase the amount of vapor, but a lower voltage could increase the amount of flavor. Changing the voltage on the battery can be done by moving the dial from 3.2 to 4.8 and adjusting the levels to your preference.

Vapor4Life Dial-A-Volt

Connecting the Dial-A-Volt to the smileomizer is very simple and holds 3.5mL of flavors. Simply unscrew the mouth piece of the smileomizer and fill the tank with your choice of flavors. Once you have added the falvor, connect the mouth piece back to the smileomizer and then connect to the Dial-A-Volt battery.

Using the Dial-A-Volt with the smileomizer is extremely simple and doesn't require any additional action, other than inhaling. When you put your mouth on the mouth piece, simply inhale and it activate the smileomizer with the Dial-A-Volt battery. Enjoy smooth and flavored vapor for hours with the long life battery and the comfortable to use smileomizer.

The Dial-A-Volt battery is rechargeable with the included USB and is also simple to connect. Disconnect the Smileomizer from the battery and the charger connects to the top of the battery. Leaving it on the charger for a few hours will give a long battery life and hours upon hours of vapor.

Vapor4Life Smileomizer

The smileomizer is reflillable and can handle mixing and combining flavors. Check out Vapor4Life's WoW flavors that we have reviewed here.

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