Virgin Vapor E-Cigarette Organic Flavors

April 16, 2014 Posted by Kevin White

Celestial Honeydew - This honeydew flavoring is by far the best tasting liquid. With a delicious taste of your favorite melon, and a great taste of the exhaled vapor, you should definitely consider this one you should buy. 100% VG and 1.8% nicotine - 5/5

Razzmatazz - A Raspberry flavoring that is excellent. I really enjoyed the taste of this flavor and even combined it with Plum. Delicious! The flavor is light in color and is organic 100% VG with 1.8% nicotine. 5/5

Plum Crazy - This delicious flavor was excellent and potent. Every last vape was full of flavor and didn't taste burnt like some. Combined with Razzmatazz, this flavor was enhanced and was even tastier. Organic 100% VG with 1.8 % nicotine. 4/5

Maple French Toast - This seemed to be a heavier smoke, but was very tasty. Vape your favorite breakfast and taste it throughout your day. This flavor was excellent and seemed to be a thicker liquid, so I used a higher wattage when vaping. Organic 100% VG with 1.85 nicotine. 4/5

Kona Velvet Milkshake - This flavors titles says it all! This delicious flavor was really tasty with no help at all from other flavors. Have a dessert after dinner or after any meal and not worry about the extra calories. A lighter liquid and the smoke felt lighter as well, even on a higher wattage setting. Organic 100% VG with 1.8% nicotine. 5/5

Butterscotch Blonde - I am always a fan of butterscotch and this flavor does not dissapoint. A flavor that maintains during your vape sessions and is another one for after meal desserts. This long lasting, light vapor smoke is delicious. Organic 100% VG with 1.8% nicotine. 5/5

Coffee Monkey - Who doesn't enjoy the flavor and taste of coffee? This coffee flavor is perfect for enjoying at anytime, but especially in the mornings. A great tasting coffee when you inhale and exhale. 100% VG and 1.8% nicotine. 5/5

Wild Blue Punch - Feeling like you want to enjoy a nice punch flavor? This is definitely one to consider, with it's delicious and uncomparable flavor. Combining the Wild Blue Punch with other fruity flavors is a treat as well! 100% VG and 1.8% nicotine. 4/5

Cherry On Top - The amazing and accurate taste of cherry and a perfect adder to other fruity flavors, Cherry On Top is definitely the right name for it. The flavor during the vape is a smooth taste and adding it also creates a handful of other tasty treats. 100% VG and 1.8% nicotine. 4/5

Drunken Pirate Pudding - I am not sure how to describe the taste, other than awesome! I really enjoyed vaping this flavor by itself and it's extremely smooth and enjoyable. 100% VG and 1.8% nicotine. 5/5

Vanilla Blackberry Swirl - This flavor was alright, but really harsh by itself. When combined with other flavorings, it could really bring out some enjoyable vape. By itself, this delicious sounding flavor can be a little more rough. 100% VG and 1.8% nicotine. 3/5

Virgin Vapor Flavors last long and the VG seem to all be organic. This is good to know when you are using a vapor and knowing the ingrediants should be something you check out. I will be mixing and matching and hopefully I can add more flavors to this list.

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