Virgin Vapor eGo-V V3 E-Cigarette Battery

April 16, 2014 Posted by Kevin White

The eGo-V V3 E-Cigarette is full of capabilities and features that can be customized to your preference. Change Wattage or Voltage to enhance the amount of "smoke" or maximize the taste of the flavor.

I used the eGo-V V3 with the KangerTech Protank 2 and I used Virgin Vapor Organic Flavors. The eGo V3 has a long battery life and a digital display that shows different indicators. The eGo-V V3 also has a push button to use the device and responds with 5 clicks turns on, 5 additional clicks will turn it off.

Virgin Vapor eGo V3

The digital display shows Battery level and what the current Wattage or Voltage level, depending on what you previously selected. By pressing and holding the + button, you can select which mode you prefer, Voltage and Wattage. The device can go up to 15 watts and as low as 3 watts and the Voltage from 3.0 volts to 6.0 volts. You can increase the voltage by 0.1 at a time and you can increase the wattage 0.5 at a time.

The long lasting battery will last days on a single charge and will provide excellent "smoke" or vapor for a long time. The battery is rechargeable with USB and does not take long to charge it fully. The battery is 1300mAh and rechargeable wherever USB is available.

This device has a 14 second safety action that will shut off the atomizer. Holding the button for longer than 14 seconds will trigger this action and shut off the vapor and atomizer. This doesn't completely shut down the device, so you can press the button again and use it again.

In case you have a tank and are wondering if the eGo-V V3 will fit, it utilizes a 510 thread. Virgin Vapor recommends the KangerTech ProTank 2 or the ViVi Nova. This device, this large battery that allows you to adjust and customize how you want your smoke also helps enhance the flavors. Instead of burning the flavor you can adjust the settings to be less aggressive and allow more flavor to get vapored.

If you are looking for an E-Cigarette, look into the eGo-V V3, because you will want to the adjustments for different flavors and liquids. I truly enjoyed using this device and I eventually was fine with how large it is. Still fits in my pocket just fine though.

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