Xzaler - Smoke & Odor Elimination System

May 20, 2014 Posted by Kevin White

The is a 100% smoke and odor eliminator that works and is very silent. The large box offers up to 4 dedicated smoke eliminating hoses and features a very quiet operation. Hold the hose up to your mouth while exhaling and the Xzaler System will grab the smoke to eliminate any trace.

This device is perfect for keeping indoor smoking from taking over a room and also giving you the option to smoke when you would like to as well, where you want to. Simply plug in the Xzaler System into an available wall outlet, flip the switch on the back to make sure the device is fully powered, and then blow your smoke into the house. The Xzaler has a patent pending filtration system that eliminates smoke and odors from the air and using a fan, distributes clean odor free air.

I was very happy to test with cigarette smoke from when we have company over. While smoking, we had our guests utlizing 2 out of the 4 available hose inputs. The smoke would flow into the hoses and would never be seen again. After the smoke enters the filtration system, a quiet fan blows out odor free air and the cigarette smoke and smell were gone.

A great solution for having any smoking guests over and allowing them to not worry about toughing out in the cold of winter, or entering a monsoon during spring. The long life filter is said to give you about 3-5 years of 100% elimination and should be a constant savior.

This device is designed to eliminate smoke and not just from cigarettes. With the powerful filtration system and its quality manufacturing, this device will clean the air you deliver into the hoses. What a great device to have for guests and yourself. Keep your home from becoming too smokey/foggy and keep the smell down to a minimum. Check out their site and use this code for a $20.00 Coupon - Enter - "WHITEOUT"

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