Connected by TCP - Wireless LED Home Smart Lighting

March 31, 2014 Posted by Kevin White

Connected is a wireless lighting system that allows you to control the lights in your home from a remote or even your smartphone. The original wireless lights were compact flourescent and LED's seem to have taken over fully. These LED's have a lifespan of 22.8 years based on a fixed hour per day rate of 3 hours and depending ont he lamps you choose, the 11 Watt LED A19 style lamps are equal to 60 watt incandescent.

LED's allow you to keep the same amount of light for the least amount of watts. A good LED will last for years and fitting your home with LED would be a good start.

Connected By TCP - Wireless LED

The LEDs have wireless antennas that cooperate/speak to the Gateway. The gateway provided is a simple to use device that connects directly to your wireless router. The only things that are required for setup are: Power Cord, Gateway, Ethernet cable, and the wireless enabled lamps/bulbs.

The Gateway connects to your wireless router with the Ethernet cable and doesn't require any drivers or seperate installation files. After the Gateway's power and Ethernet have been connected, the lamps are ready to be used with either the provided remote or your smartphone/smart device.

When configuring these lamps, you can either choose to use the supplied remote, or download the app for Android or iOS from the respected app markets. Once the apps are installed, going into the app, the gateway will be found automatically and there won't be a password or any login credentials. After the app logs in, the gateway and the smartphone will find the new lamps. The lamps will begin to fade on and off until they are connected with the gateway. Once they are connected, you will be able to select individul lamps and adjust brightness as well as on/off.

You could also build a lighting schedule for an automated daily routine. Select which lights you would like to be apart of the routine and the app will guide you through. Using this device not only on your Wireless network, but on the go with mobile is extremely helpful. Login to your gateway even away from your home and be able to check on your lights or even turn them on to have home away lights.

Find the IP address of the gateway and login on your desktop computer to setup even more lighting modes and adding more configurations to the lamps you have. This is a little bland, and I suggest sticking with the app.

A really cool thing about the gateway, you can control up to 250 TCP wireless lamps on one. This means a huge amount of possibilities when configuring and placing as many lights as you could possibly need in a home or even in your business.

Business would enjoy the automatic lights or having the ability to save power by never letting the lights stay on. This is a definite green product as you can save electricity by turning off the lights even if someone has forgotten.

The instructions that came included were detailed and I suggest giving them a read over before diving in. Although the setup is fast and easy, make sure you don't miss any steps. The Smart Lighting & Home Automation is gaining a larger following and Connected by TCP is well worth taking a look at.

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