KDLINKS Air Mouse - Media Player Remote

January 3, 2014 Posted by Kevin White

The KDLINKS Air Mouse was an extremely fun gadget to use. It's not only excellent on the KDLINKS A100 Media Player, but on your HTPC, and any other media player that makes use of USB.

Using the Air Mouse, it felt familiar like a Wii remote, but also had many other features built in. You point the Air Mouse at the T.V. and move your hand around. You will notice it's extremely accurate and if there is a time it's calibration has become off, just point the Air Mouse away from the T.V. and bring it back. This always worked for me and I didn't have to often.


The Air Mouse uses a "6-Axis Motion Engine" that is compiled with a 3-Axis Accelerator and a 3-Axis gyroscope giving you that freedom of motion and accuracy. The Air Mouse also utlizes a 2.4GHz wireless signal and it's so much more reliable than RF.

I have used the Air Mouse on my KDLINKS A100 , Cubieboard2 Android build, HP TouchSmart, HTPC, and my Acer A500 Android tablet. It worked great for every device and also proved to be fast and reliable. I was able to enter my Username and Password at login without frustration and allowing me to distance myself from my clunky keyboard I have been using.

The Air Mouse from KDLINKS has been tested in every way I could think of and it far surpassed my expectations. I truly enjoy using this mouse with my HTPC everyday and it continues to spark interest from my guests.

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