Torchstar LED Flashlight Torch Light

March 13, 2014 Posted by Kevin White

The LED flashlight torch is a rechargeable flashlight that will be sure to come in handy in any situation. The torch comes with a car power adapter and a wall charger so you can always keep the long lasting battery charged.

When you first get the Torch light, the packaging shows everything it's capable of and how to use it. To verify, the Torch light is a 2 in 1 flashlight/worklight and has a magnet located on the bottom for easy mounting. On the back of the packaging, it shows the product specifications and on the front, it shows the worklight having 30 LEDs and the flashlight having 6 LEDs.

After you open your Torch light, charge it for 4-5 hours to achieve a full battery. Once you have a full battery, you will have around 15 hours of use for the flashlight and 3 hours of use for the worklight. I was blown away with how light this Torch light is. When picking it up, it looks like it would be pretty heavy, but in fact it only weighs 1.2 lbs, and that is with it's rechargeable battery and magnet.

Pressing the power button near the top of the Torch will turn on the flashlight. With it's impressive LEDs and decent beam length, this is a useful flashlight with more to offer. On the side of the Torch, you will see an image and an arrow moving forward, this means to seperate the blue encloser and this will activate the 30 LED worklight. Excellent amount of light and with the magnetic bottom, it can really help out with those hard to light areas you need to work.

Torchstart LED Torch Flashlight/Worklight

I have spoken with many people about this Torch and it could come in handy in a lot of different scenarios. Anywhere there is a magentic friendly metal, you can place the Torch and it will stay. Light up under the hood of your car, or light up the wires you are connecting for your appliances.

What would you use it for? Tell us in the comments section!

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